About Us

Mission - cancer prevention

The aim of the team is to use its many years of scientific experience in biotechnology, biology, medicine and pharmacy, and put unique solutions in cancer prevention into practice by, among others, using natural biological processes, and manufacturing food and food supplements for better immunity needed to maintain homeostasis in the body.
One of the main strategic objectives of BioSEL is to introduce a unique on the world market, Polish preparation – SELOL, constituting a mixture of selenitetriglycerides containing [Se(IV)] in +4 oxidation state.


BioSEL Ltd was registered on 2009 end therefore entered the pharmaceutical market. The Company focuses mainly on scientific research and industrial and developmental works in the field of biotechnology.
BioSEL aims to enhance the efficiency of cancer treatment with the use of natural ingredients. The company is its focusing mainly on research, which results will contribute to more effective cancer therapy and better stimulation of the immune system. From the very beginning, BioSEL has been working on developing an effective use of selenium in preparations for prevention and therapy, with SELOL and selenium(IV) compounds as its primary interests.